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State of Connecticut Budget Cuts Impact Hospitals

As many of you are learning through news articles and media outlets, Governor Malloy has submitted the state budget for FY2014-2015. His budget includes financial reductions that will have serious consequences for all Connecticut hospitals, not just Johnson Memorial Hospital (JMH).

If the proposed budget is accepted, JMH and all CT hospitals will be force to make cuts to programs and services you have come to rely on. The cuts proposed by Governor Malloy are unprecedented and will devastate hospitals.

We are looking for your help. JMH, with the support of CHA (Connecticut Hospital Association) is reaching out to our communities to stand up and be heard for the devastating impact these cuts will have on our stability. Our patients will lose care and services they can not afford on their own, our communities will lose beneficial outreach programs and vendors will lose our economic support. We are not alone; this loss will be felt statewide.

Your support through a letter writing campaign will show that JMH improves safety, acts as an economic engine and enhances the quality of life within our communities. CHA has issued the following statement with a link so your disapproval will have a voice.

Your voice is critically important, and we are asking you to support our hospital by writing to your state legislators. Click here to be taken to an electronic advocacy page that will let your voice be heard. The page offers different options electronically. Once you choose your letter, you are able to tailor the body of the message however you like. The system will prompt you to provide your contact information. We ask that you give your home and hospital address, so that we might reach legislators in both places.

We need all our voices to be heard in opposition of these cuts.

Thank you.

David R. Morgan
President and Chief Executive Officer

(Posted 5/31/2013 by dan)