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Two Health Systems.
One Vision.

Johnson Memorial Medical Center (JMMC), the parent organization of Johnson Memorial Hospital, Evergreen Health Care Center and Home & Community Health Services; and Saint Francis Care, Inc., the parent organization of Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, have formally signed an affiliation agreement designed to maintain Johnson Memorial as an independent source of high quality healthcare and expand its clinical services in North Central Connecticut. Under terms of the agreement, JMMC is now a Saint Francis Care Partner, but both JMMC and Saint Francis will continue to be separately licensed institutions, each with separate Boards of Directors.

Stuart E. Rosenberg

Reflection of Hope & Healing:

Although the official start of spring was a couple of weeks ago, the crocuses and daffodils are just starting to peek through the soil. I’m not sure if it was because of the seemingly long winter but I find myself hoping for spring more than usual this year.

But after all, isn’t hoping what spring is all about? The beautiful colors of autumn and the bleak and dreary days of winter give way to the new foliage and the blooming flowers. We can put away winter coats and the snow boots and get ready to spend more time outside in the fresh, listening to the birds singing (and warm) air. Just when you think you can’t stand another minute of cold and salt/snow covered ground, the early flowers emerge through the earth. Gardeners are in their glory! Joggers, walkers and cyclist are everywhere.

The month of April is marked by two significant religious holidays and this year these celebrations coincide. Passover and Easter are, in many ways, the defining holy days for Jews and Christians, respectively. During the eight-day celebration of Passover, which begins at sundown on April 14th, our Jewish colleagues remember the deliverance of their ancestors from slavery in Egypt. On April 20th, our Christian co-workers celebrate Easter, their central holy day which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

However, all of us can share in the very deep truths that Passover and Easter share. We can all use the reminder that no matter how dark life may seem or how cold and lifeless the winter has been, we know that the hope that comes with the promise of spring is the possibility of rebirth, healing and renewal. You see, there is something sacred about the hope that comes with spring. These holidays assist us to respect those of all faiths and beliefs.

Whether discovered in the story of a nation making the journey from Abraham’s successes to the Israelites’ slavery and subsequent redemption, or in the story of Jesus, as one who lives, dies and rises from the dead to live again, or from the perspective of whatever culture or tradition may animate us, we come to realize that we have the power within us, with God’s help, to transform suffering and death into hope. This hope is an essential part of the healing that is the centerpiece of our mission.

So we must celebrate the truth that life holds more possibility and potential than we first imagine. There is a reason to hope! And, most importantly, we know that in celebrating the triumphs of hope from the past, we can unleash the stories of hope in the present and the future.

May the hope of spring enliven your heart and fill your internal faith with renewed energy.

On behalf of Patrick Mahon, Chairman of the Board, the Board of Directors, myself and the Executive Leadership Team, we wish you and your family a blessed Passover, Easter and Spring.

God bless you and those you love and all those entrusted to our Care.

Stuart E. Rosenberg

Stuart E. Rosenberg

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